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This model (6 ft 1in) is the size of model most selected by professionals and institutions worldwide.

GG 185

This larger medium sized grand is our most popular model. It has a wonderful sonorous range which one would expect from a much larger piano.

GG 170

This smaller medium sized grand is a very popular model. It has a full dynamic range encouraging the pianist's full personal expression.

GG 160

This exceptional Baby Grand plays and sounds like a much larger model, with a fantastic full sounding bass for such a small piano.

GG 150

A. Geyer Pianos

Fabulous masterpieces for the highest demands, the ideal sound of many pianists worldwide. The perfect action renders every nuance. Unserpassed excellence

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A. Geyer Pianos

A. Geyer pianos are being constantly updated and have been continuously evolving since 1877. It is a great choice for discerning pianists and music lovers.

This full sized upright has excellent tone and power and is an outstanding upright designed for serious pianists with the highest expectations in sound quality.


This Medium-sized, traditional style upright piano, is ideal for private and Institutional use.


This compact traditional style upright piano, is a perfect fit for beginners and where space is at a premium.


A. Geyer Pianos

These pianos are amazing. Waiting on description.

Upright Pianos

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