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We offer Utah families the opportunity to connect and create lasting memories through quality piano services and products.

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MJ Pianos - Matt Johnson

Meet Matt

A Registered Piano Technician

Since 2011, Matt has helped thousands of Utah families create lasting memories through his services. Learn more about Matt and the story behind MJ Pianos.

A Piano Expert Who Uses MJ Pianos

Lynsie's piano is played 8+ hours a day, which means finding the right piano technician is crucial to her success. She chooses MJ Pianos every time for all her piano needs. Click below to read about Lynsie's experience with MJ Pianos.

Meet Lynsie

MJ Pianos - Lynsie a piano expert

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Nothing but good things to say about my experience. I highly recommend MJ Pianos!


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On time, honest, quick. I'll definitely use MJ Pianos again!


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Exceeded my expectations in quality and service. You can't go wrong with MJ Pianos.


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We’ve done our research when it comes to pianos and only carry brands we believe in and trust. From uprights to grand pianos, we have what you’re looking for. Click on the button below to see our collection.